Mar 24, 2014 — Flycheck 0.18 released

Today, we release Flycheck 0.18.

It’s quite some time since the last release, but there are not many big changes, as Flycheck becomes more and more mature, and slowly approaches a 1.0 release.

Breaking changes

There are some small breaking changes. Most notably, the naming conventions of various shell script syntax checkers were changed. All of them now use the prefix sh-, and the former sh- checkers now have the prefix sh-posix-. This affects their executable variables as well.

Furthermore, the version requirements for some syntax checker tools changed:

  • rust needs upcoming Rust 0.10 now, because Flycheck followed backwards-incompatible upstream changes in the rustc options.
  • rst-sphinx needs Sphinx 1.2 now, because Flycheck uses a special writer now, which is not present in previous releases.

Syntax checkers

Flycheck can now check BSD Makefile with BSD Make as well. The make syntax checker does not use GNU Make specific options anymore, and will work with any POSIX compatible variant of Make.

Go syntax checking got a major update with new syntax checkers based on Golint (go-golint) and go tool vet (go-vet). Go now has one of the most complete and powerful syntax checker chains in Flycheck.

Support for Perl and for shell scripts was greatly improved by introducing two new syntax checkers:

  • perl-perlcritic checks Perl with the powerful Perl-Critic Golint.
  • sh-shellcheck checks Shell scripts with the awesome Shellcheck tool, which finds all sorts of idiomatic and semantics mistakes in shell scripts of various shell languages, and will greatly improve your shell scripting.

D users can now tell d-dmd about include directories with the new option flycheck-dmd-include-path. Likewise, Rust users can use flycheck-rust-library-path now.

Bug fixes

As always, a good deal of bugs and issues was fixed:

  • puppet-lint includes the name of the corresponding check in the error message now.
  • rst handles .. include:: directives with relative file names now.
  • rst-sphinx will no longer choke if the document being checked contains custom nodes without text writers.
  • rust will not longer emit pointless warnings about missing main functions in library creates.
  • Various error parsing problems were corrected in c/c++-clang, go-build and go-test.

Flycheck 0.18

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